About Us

An open-ended and unstructured play environment that allows children to choose which activity they are ready for and to progress according to their own individual needs and timetables. Self directed play allows children to feel in control and gives them and opportunity for relaxed pressure free learning. Play captures children’s attention and holds their interest uniting the child’s mind, body and spirit.

We will have daily opportunities to go on outings in the neighborhood, experience imagination, art, reading, language, music and movement in a variety of ways.

Our Daily Rhythm

Daily Schedule

  • 8-9:30 greet teachers, play
  • 9:30 morning snack
  • 9:30-12 activities: outside play, music, art, movement, explore
  • 11:45-12:30 lunch
  • 12-1 activities: outside play, music, art, movement, explore
  • 1:15-1:45 afternoon snack
  • 1:30-3 afternoon nap
  • 3-4:15 wake, snack and play
  • 4:15-5:15 greet parents and say our goodbyes
  • This is a loose schedule of a typical day…it is adjusted when necessary to keep the momentum for the day

We love the cozy nest

We love the cozy nest @ Jodie’s house! Kara, Jodie and the team were exceptional with both of our girls. As a nervous new mom having to return to work when both of our girls were ~4 months old, they helped me trust that all of their needs would be met and that they truly cared for their well-being, happiness, and development, which included building a community, and having the kids feel autonomous, capable, and stimulated physically, emotionally, and mentally. We also love the family-style feeding model and that they teach kids and their families about reusability/recycling/composting and support/encourage low waste.