Children's Song: Play, learn and grow

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An in home play based childcare located in two SE Portland neighborhoods (Montavilla and South Tabor,) that provides a comfortable, nurturing environment for young children to play, learn and grow! 


We offer a variety of experiences for our group throughout our days together.  We all work and play together in our mixed age environment which provides an element that is valuable for young children.  It encourages leadership, patience, understanding, and respect for one another. We offer a loosely structured, play based learning experience,  largely child driven,  we follow their lead and expand on their interests and ideas.

We will have daily opportunities to go on outings in the neighborhood, experience imagination, art, reading, language, music and movement in a variety of ways.


We are open Monday through Friday from 8 am until 4:30 pm with early drop off and extended day late pick ups available upon request.

Our Daily Rhythm

Daily Schedule
7:30            early drop off opens
8-9:30            greet teachers, play
9:30                morning snack
9:30-12          activities: outside play, music, art, movement, explore
11:45-12:30    lunch
12-1                activities: outside play, music, art, movement, explore
1:15-1:45        afternoon snack
1:30-3             afternoon nap
3-4:15            wake, snack and play
4:15-4:30      greet parents
           say our goodbyes
4:30-5:30    extended late pick up available
  • This is a loose schedule of a typical day…it is adjusted when necessary to keep the momentum for the day


Infant Care

Infants are given the opportunity to be fully engaged with the whole group and while they are generally in the arms of a caregiver or very near by they get a variety of experiences throughout the day with all of the children.  Once they are mobile we give them space for safe and monitored exploration throughout the child care space at their pace. We try to follow their natural rhythms of eating and sleeping as closely as we can.



We are happy to accommodate the best fit for your family. We offer 1/2 day schedules all the way up to a full time schedule.  Please see our Tuitions page for current rates.



"Allow the child to be authentic, to move, to feel the way they move, appreciating them for what they are."

"All children accomplish milestones in their own way, in their own time." 

— Magda Gerber


We encourage you to schedule a tour when signing up for our waitlist.